“What happened to truth? Did it go out of style?” – Michael Jackson 

Why does it matter who ‘controls’ the media? Personally I think that the answer is quite simple and straightforward. Whoever ‘controls’ the media controls not just the stories that are reported but also the way in which they are told, which ultimately affects how society as a whole views them, and thus can even create a totalitarian state. The individuals who control the media have the ability to completely alter your opinion on something to benefit their own agenda, regardless of whether or not the story they’re telling is in fact true, and you don’t even realize their influence until its already been established. One such individual is Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch is the founder and CEO of the media company News Corporation which happens to be the world’s second-largest media firm, so you can imagine just how powerful he is, its practically impossible to not become susceptible to his conservative political views, especially when you also consider that Fairfax and News Corps own 11 of the 12 capital city newspapers, meaning that majority of the news that is produced is fairly similar, printing the same stories and the same views, especially in the case of the papers owned by News Corps, Murdoch’s company. For example, look at the picture below.


This happens to be the front page of one of Murdoch’s newspapers, The Sunday Telegraph which is obviously lacking any subtlety, being completely obvious in who Murdoch was backing at the time for Prime Minister of Australia, and just who ended up getting elected? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Okay, now I’m not suggesting that Murdoch’s approval of Tony Abbott was the only reason he became our current Prime Minister, but in retrospect its definitely not as big a shock as it was for most when it first happened. Think about it. The man was plastered all over newspaper magazines with nothing but positive words said about him, and what of his opposition? Hmmm lets take a look shall we?


I can only imagine how hard it would’ve been for the voting public to constantly see the most popular newspapers within Australia carry similar messages of propaganda and not be swayed to vote for Tony Abbott.

So, clearly who ‘controls’ the media makes a HUGE difference, especially in Australia where Rupert Murdoch is considered to ‘control’ the media and as such abuses his position of power, printing stories that suit his bias and thus may not necessarily be true and may be considered opinion rather than fact, which begs the question, is the story that is being printed even really news?


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