When I first started BCM110 I didn’t expect to enjoy it or learn as much as I did. A lot of different topics and issues were covered, and with some of these issues I was unaware of just how serious they actually were and how they have affected me personally, sometimes without me even knowing until BCM.

I knew before BCM not to trust everything that I read or hear in the media, but I never stopped to think who was in charge of it all. Thanks to BCM110 now I do, and now it’s all a lot clearer. BCM showed me just how much of the media is owned by Rupert Murdoch and how much of what the media shows is what he believes.

I also learnt not only the extent of the power of semiotics, but also how to analyse images in order to uncover their deeper meanings rather than just the ones we see at first glance.

BCM110 also introduced me to the ‘mediated public sphere’. I’ve found this isn’t just one big group but can also be a small group debating issues that relate to society. I personally found this aspect really interesting and it ranks as one of my favourite topics.

Now I can’t reflect on my blog without first covering our final topic – Does the media sexualise children? I’d have to say yes, a prime example being the show ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’, where we see little girls covered in make-up and spray tans getting their eyebrows shaped (something most girls don’t even start doing until their teens), we even see these poor little girls forced to lose weight. And then there is this….

Yes. You did just see that. A 3-year-old girl dressed up as Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’ – a prostitute. Now while the mother of the child didn’t seem to think that anyone would sexualize a toddler, I disagree, whether it be dressing children up as we see in the show or just letting them view that may have sexual connotations, there is no denying that children are becoming more and more sexualized in the media. In our lecture we discussed how at times we are asked to view certain images of children in a way in which we will see something sexual, but in certain cases like the video above no one needs to ask us, its blatantly obvious.

Now to talk about my blogging experience. Initially I was really worried about how I would make my work appealing to both my teachers and peers, as I was writing for two separate audiences along with the fact that writing a blog requires a different approach to writing an essay. Nonetheless I truly enjoyed my blogging experience, being able to view and comment on my fellow peers works has allowed me to grow as a student, coming across views which have both challenged and supported my own and caused me to rethink and even change some of my views.


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