When I initially started recording sounds while in the city it was just going to be of passersby and cars and the general stuff, and then me and my friend stumbled upon a protest on the current Israel/Palestine conflict. This was a game changer and I had to completely rethink my entire post in a short period of time.

I think the biggest issue I had was simply trying to capture the best sounds in such a fleeting moment. It was such an intense but amazing sight to see that I think I got a little too caught up in it myself and didn’t record enough. I also found it a struggle trying to get sounds for the lead up to the protest, the moment we saw it, because that is something we couldn’t really recreate.

Also, the fact that we were in a large group of spectators also meant that at times, my recordings picked up on their conversations and it didn’t let me highlight the protest as much as I wanted.

Ultimately as sudden and unprepared as it was, I like to think it came out halfway decent.