My idea for the final JRNL102 assignment is to focus on those who have been affected by divorce or separation if they were not married when children are involved.

What the story is about: I will be focusing on the emotions and perspectives regarding divorce or separation from those who have actually experienced it.

What is ‘hidden’ in this topic?

I think for the most part, the perspectives regarding divorce or separation that are most often heard are not from those who have lived it. We always hear others commenting on peoples divorce but not as much from those who actually lived it. Sure in TV shows its quite common for divorce to be depicted but this isn’t a TV show, and I’ve only ever heard about divorce from those who have experienced it first hand a handful of times.

So, in that light I want to focus on the feelings that are somewhat ‘hidden’ in regards to divorce and/or separation. I want to bring to light the issues that can come from a separation from two parents that people who haven’t had to deal with wouldn’t understand or aren’t really aware of.

I want to show how the absence of a parent living with a child can affect both the child and parent. I am also planning to of course ask my interviewees what they feel is a misconception regarding divorce and/or separation and something they feel is ‘hidden’ such as what their actual feelings are regarding the situation.

What it will sound like:
  • Ambient sounds from the interview
  • I will also focus on what life was like for the interviewees before the divorce, if it were a louder household, kids running around and playing etc.
  • If they were to say it was quieter now I would also focus on the transition from a loud environment to a more silent one
  • I think the main sounds that would be used would be in relation to children

What it will look like:

  • I’m hoping to be able to capture images of both my interviewees at home, and maybe somewhere they would visit regularly with their parent or child and the emotions such places bring out in them

Who the key characters will be:

  • A father who is currently going through mediation in order to gain shared custody of his children. His children are quite young and he wants to be able to see them more and I am hoping to capture how the situation has affected him, as I feel the mothers story in similar situations is shown much more than the fathers. You often hear how mothers are more likely to gain full custody of their children and so you hear their story more than the fathers.
  • A young teenage girl who lives with her mother, having not spoken to her father in years after her parents divorced. I’m hoping to show how that affected her as a person and how different it was for her growing up.